Client: AbsolutLabs
Platforms: iPad, iPhone
Context: The Ipad characteristics allowed us to develop in 2012 a tactile professional turntable fitted to the scene as well as to the music-lover mixing from home.
Key elements: Platine digitale, moteur audio, animations, ergonomie
History: Since 2012 - 3 versions

Turntable DJ is the first high quality turntable for Ipad. Designed with the help of Joachim Garraud it is well-suited for performances and can be seamlessly integrated to all DJ equipment like the mixer or sound effects box.
It is within our Lab that we developed an audio motor recreating faithfully the characteristics of the mythical turntable form Technics, adding some pure digital functionalities – Waveform, audio spectrum, Pitch Lock, Loops, filters...

Since 2012, 3 versions have been developed :
- Turntable DJ Deck - for pros
- Turntable Classic: a simplified version for music and mix lovers