Client: Suez
Platforms: iPad, Web
Context: In 2010, Suez Environment decided to adapt all the training contents of its Wikti branch to be digitalized in order to manage competences more easily. The analysis and real-time monitoring granted a better understanding of its client’s needs
Key elements: International solution, content digitalization, MDM, cryptography, data encryption, asynchronous transfer
History: Since 2010 - 3 versions

Wikti means “Water International Knowledge transfer initiative”. The mobile application iWikti and the associated website is a knowledge transfer solution that ails at training and evaluating teams throughout the world.
More than a simple e-learning module, the application proposed by AbsolutLabs securely incorporate from 2010 the whole existing contents library. It permits the sharing and transfer of internal competencies and the assessment of the training content efficiency.

iWikti helps the partners of Suez Environment to adopt the best water management strategy depending of the local constrains and based on the French Group know-how.