WeFin / QuikFin

Client: Peugeot, Citroën, DS
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, Web (Frontend et Backend)
Context: Encompassed in a global approach on how to dematerialize its financing solutions, PSA wanted an application to support its sales team within its dealership.
Key Elements: Analytics, notifications, silent live update, regulatory framework adaptation
History: Since 2012 - 2 major evolutions

WeFin’s goal is to support sales efforts within car dealerships by providing a mobile and web car financing simulator solutio

With a few clicks, sellers can come-up with a tailor-made financing solution – depending on the type of vehicle as well as Peugeot current offers and client’s wishes. PSA can therefore administrate and analyze centrally all the financing solutions proposed and adapt very quickly to market moves and trends.

Since 2012, the application is continually supplemented by new functionalities and is updated to fit the evolutions of the regulation on financial products.