Client: Léon Grosse
Platforms: iPad, Web (Back-End)
Context: : In 2014, Léon Grosse is facing difficulties with human resources management and allocation on their building site. They want to develop an application that will help them monitor the workforce. The front-end needed to be particularly well thought of to make it handy for site manager to use.
Key elements: Clean ergonomic, data centralization, documents digitalization, MDM deployment
History: Since 2014 - 2 versions

SYGEPA - Automatic sign-in management system- is a centralized human resource tablet and web solution.
It permits to manage staff on Léon Grosse building sites. The site manager can welcome new companions and contractors, digitalize their documents – ID, Social security, habilitations and training – to transfer them to the head-office. He can manage his teams, assign them specific tasks, sign them in and follow the break-down of different tasks and site zones.

These data are centralized by the head quarter and sent to sites administrators for a consistent follow-up. Data on working hours are transferred periodically to the payroll teams and to temporary employment agency.