Client: DeuxPointZéro
Platforms: iPhone, Android, Backend
Context: The DeuxPointZéro, first connected bar in Paris, has for ambition to make digital a full part of its customer’s experience. It aims at enhancing loyalty and engagement.
Key elements: B2C – loyalty and point of sale traffic generator
History: 2016-2017

After handling the wifi and sound system of the place we created the deuxpointzero app. It encompasses information about the location and about the menu. A “survey” part is accessible through the application where users can submit their ideas on decorations, party themes and next cocktail. However, the heart of the app is its games:
- Jukebox : users are voting for the next played song, the one with the higher voting rate will be immediately broadcasted
- Blindtest : guess the name and artist of the song that is playing and try to be fast. Win and cumulate points that can be exchanged for gifts.

We also imagined and built connected objects in our Lab for this geeky and fashionable Parisian bar. A system with more than 1000 old-school games from the 80/90. A photobooth shaped as a giant GameBoy where people can take funny pictures or gif and instantly share them on the bar facebook account. A like meter on the wall support the DeuxPointZéro online social profile and push clients to visit the page and like.