Client: Concord
Platforms: iPhone, Androïd
Context: Concord, leader on the online contract management market wanted to develop the mobile flap of their offer while respecting international norms.
Key elements: document management “on the go”, electronic signature, pdf editing
History: 2016

Concord wanted to offer to its clients the possibility of signing securely documents and contracts remotely and to manage their contracts while on the go. AbsolutLabs did accept the challenge and has built the mobile application of their remote contract management and signing solution

Designed to answer all the regulations key criteria in the world, including the US eSign act and the EC1999/93 european directive, the application allows its users to manage their contracts online, to negotiate and sign them digitally.

Notifications are sent at every change of a document status in order to ease the work of all the collaborators working on a same document