Client : Alstom
Platforms : iPad
Context : Alstom wants to offer to its clients a mobile version of its EMS. It can be reach from anywhere in the world and should provide a secure login and access to Alstom servers to show the status of the electricity network.
Key Elements: Live data stream, secured connection via VPN, live display of several thousands of objects, graphs and trend curves
History: Since 2011 - 3 versions

GridViewer is a B2B application that shows the live electrical network status. The app displays on a map an overview of the production network: lines, production sā€™ stations, power generated, flow on lines, instant voltage, processor status, declared incident, etc...
It also displays all the information available on the electrical network under comprehensive format (graphs, trend curves and tables)

Gridviewer gives you access to electrical schemes of the network equipment ā€“ generated in real time in order to allow interventions without any risk of injury.

Deployed in China, Russia, the Emirates and in the Netherlands, the application has been adapted to each geographical zone specificity.